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December 15, 2006
You can now find a mediator online

A new organization of circuit-civil mediators is offering Florida lawyers an online opportunity to find a mediator with expertise in the area they need.

The Florida Circuit-Civil Mediator Society has set up a Web site that offers three specific services to those seeking mediators.

The first is a list of mediators in their area along with their resumes. The second allows parties to search for mediators according to their experience or preference for a specific area of law. And lastly, most of the society’s mediators have posted their schedules online. That means once the parties have identified a list of possible mediators, they can check to see who is available at the most convenient time, and then call to book that mediator.

Membership in the society is by invitation only, according to FCCMS Director Darren Lee, and so far more than 130 lawyers who primarily focus their practices on mediation have joined.

For more information, visit the society’s Web site at or call Lee at (813) 600-5678, or e-mail him at

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